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Vendor Help

If you are a first time user, read How to Use VendorWeb.

In a case where a payment was expected but not received, inquiries should be directed to the person in the billing department with whom you conduct business (i.e. Department of Public Health). If you are not sure of the contact phone number, it is listed on the Payment History table that you use when you looking up payment information. If the field is blank, use the Commonwealth Agencies Contact list, the liaison should direct you to the appropriate staff person in the agency.

For definitions for the most commonly used terms, such as Document ID and Payment Reference Number, go to the VendorWeb Glossary.

To learn how to sign-up for direct payments to your bank, go to the What is EFT?

For more detailed information, go to the Understanding Scheduled Payments or the Understanding Payment History pages.

The VendorWeb FAQs answers commonly asked questions.

For questions about navigating this website contact: comptroller.info@state.ma.us