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VendorWeb FAQs

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

What is EFT?
EFT stands for "Electronic Funds Transfer" and represents the way your business can receive direct deposit of all payments from the Commonwealth to your company bank account. Once you sign up, money comes to you directly and sooner than ever before. EFT is Fast, Safe, and means that your money will be confirmed in your bank account quicker than if you have to wait for the mail, deposit your check, and wait for the funds to become available.
An EFT hit my bank today but not showing in Vendor Web?
It should appear within 24-48 hours.
Can I download my remittance information from your website?
Yes, a download option is available in Payment History. Use it to save the remittance information in a spreadsheet file on your PC, then open it in an application such as Excel. With this feature you have the flexibility of sorting by any field, including contract number.
How do I sign up for EFT?
Print out the EFT Sign-Up form then mail to a Commonwealth agency you are currently doing business with.
How long does it take to establish EFT and to begin receiving payments?
After you submit your authorization form, your EFT will be activated in approximately one month. During this time, a "pre-notification" is performed to ensure that the bank account information is correct and functional. Once established, you will remain on direct deposit until you cancel your authorization.
How to print an EFT form?
Please set your page margin to 0.25 inches.
File > Page Setup and enter 0.25 in the left and right page margins boxes. Click OK and then File > Print.
I have a change to my EFT, who do I contact?
Mail your changes to any Commonwealth agency you work with.
If my company changes banks, what do I do?
If the company changes banks without notifying the Commonwealth, your EFT will reject. A check will be issued for any rejected payment. By submitting a new AUTHORIZATION FOR ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS form to your contact at the department you do business with, EFT can be resumed and electronic deposits will be established for the new account.
Where do I find the 9-digit bank transit number of my bank account?
Your bank transit number is usually located in the lower left hand corner of your checks and usually precedes your bank account number. If you are not sure what the transit number is, you should contact the bank for confirmation.
Who do I mail my form/information to?
Mail the EFT form and/or any information to the Commonwealth agency with which you are currently doing business.


How can I print out the results of my query in VendorWeb?
Before printing, go to the File. menu and select Print Preview.. If you can see all of your data in the Print Preview. view, click Print..

If in Print Preview. view your data appears to be cut off, close the Print Preview. window, and select File > Page Setup.. Under orientation., select Landscape. and click OK..

Repeat the Print Preview. step above. If you can see all of your data in Print Preview., then click Print..

If your data still appears to be cut off, go back to Page Setup. and enter 0.25 in the left and right page margins boxes, or to the minimum width allowed by your printer, click OK., and then File > Print. If you are not sure what the minimum width allowed on your printer is, check with your Help Desk.

How do I obtain my Vendor Code?
You can contact the Commonwealth agency you are currently doing business with and ask them for your VC (vendor code) number. The department will ask for your TIN number which was provided on the businesses W9 form or 1099 form.
I cannot figure out whom this payment is from?
For each payment made to you the following information is provided:

Payment Number:
Payment Date:
Department        Payment Ref. #        Contract Number        Line Amount        Check Amount

The Department displays the Commonwealth 3-letter code and Legal Name. There is a department contact link on the payment search page which contains the department main address.
I received payments but I do not see them in Vendor Web why?
Payments are posted to VendorWeb within two business days of the Scheduled Payment Date. The two reasons why a vendor may not see his/her payment on VendorWeb are:
  1. The payment was processed during a week when there was a holiday, hence the posting of the payments was delayed beyond the standard posting time.
  2. The posting of payments to VendorWeb could have been delayed due to a systems/web update problem during the week the payments were issued.
If a vendor wants to know the exact reason why the payments did not appear on VendorWeb before he/she had received the payments, the vendor should call the department they do business with and provide the exact date/week the payment was received.
I want to review payments from one department I am currently doing business with?
When you start your search within VendorWeb, select "sort by department" NOT "search by payment" and select the department you are reviewing. By searching by department you will be able to get a breakdown of all payments made to you by that department.
My name is spelled wrong on VendorWeb, whom do I contact?
If your name is wrong on VendorWeb it is wrong in the accounting system. You should contact each Commonwealth agency that you have an active contract with
We moved, who do we contact to change our address information?
You should contact each Commonwealth agency that you have an active contract with.

Foster Parent Payment Questions call 1-800-632-8218