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Spending on Commonwealth Employees

Commonwealth Employees As public servants, the employees of the Commonwealth provide the services and expertise to continuously improve the quality of life of the Commonwealth's citizens and visitors. Departments that are solely administrative and do not have any employees are not displayed here.

Budgeted Funds: Include financial activities that are authorized by the legislature and controlled through appropriations.

Non-budgeted Funds: Include financial activities authorized by the legislature but funded through receipts of dedicated revenues (such as assessments, federal grants, fees, fines, investment income) and certain designations of tax revenues.

Capital Project Funds: Capital Project Funds are for acquisition, long-term construction and development activities legislatively authorized, but largely funded through bonds and federal receipts

Expendable Trust Funds: Expendable Trust Funds are continuing accounts that are legislatively authorized and funded through assessments, fees, donations and other revenues that support specific activities where the Commonwealth is a trustee.

Employees: of the Commonwealth are of 2 types: State Employees - those who are eligible for employee benefits such as pension and health insurance. Contract Employees - those who are temporarily employed for a specific project or service; or are students in work study programs. The information provided pertains to state employees only.

  1. How many employees work for the Commonwealth? For individual departments?

  2. How many Full-Time Equivalents work for the Commonwealth? For individual departments?